Young Boy Acts Swiftly To Help A Woman From Being Kidnapped. Watch This!

Meet Malyk Bonnet, a boy of 17 years who resides in Laval, Quebec. He was everywhere in the news simply because he helped in the rescue of someone who had been abducted on August 1st. CBC News aired that a couple at the bus stop caught Bonnet’s attention while he was waiting for a bus from work. He worked as a chef at a restaurant. Bonnet revealed to CBC that the man was mistreating the woman by pushing and shouting to her. He got nearer because he thought the man would hit the woman.
The couple begged for the fare to which Bonnet agreed to give them, and dashed to a nearby center to get the money. It was when he was alone with the woman that she confessed to her that the man with him was holding her without her accord. She asked for help from Bonnet to assist her go home, a thing that the man was not willing to.

Immediately, Bonnet planned how to seek for help without making the man suspect anything because the woman would suffer. He knew that if he lost the visibility of the couple, the police wouldn’t get them. He chose the plan to befriend the man so that he could gain his confidence. He also took the same bus until they again changed to a metro that would take them to Laval. He was doing all this waiting to grab that chance of informing the police without losing their visibility.

Upon arriving at Laval, Bonnet offered to buy them lunch at Tim Hortons, so he gave the man $50 to buy food. He then went to the toilet where he asked for a phone since his own had a low battery, and called the police who came shortly afterwards.

Lt. Daniel Guérin of Laval police informed CBC that they were on search for the woman since that very morning. This woman of 29 years had been kidnapped by her former boyfriend who was had been ordered by to keep distance from her since he had threatened to kill her in 2014. The police arrested him and will be appearing on court on the 10th of August because of kidnapping and assaulting.

Bonnet was declared a hero for saving the woman. To him, he is just overwhelmed to have helped solve a problem.

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