Wife Unfolds Her Pregnant News To Her Husband. The Reaction? I Can’t Help Crying Too!

Arkell and Dana Griffin-Graves have been married for 17 years. During all this time, they have tried tirelessly to get babies. Arkell was hit by a strong wave of emotion when her wife told her jokingly that she was pregnant. Dana Griffin-Graves knew that her husband would become sentimental but not to the point of shedding tears of happiness! This was to happen since they have been in the process of getting a baby for a long time without success.

During the 17 years of being married, they have had four unfortunate miscarriages and one still baby birth. This surely made them start to lose hope of getting a baby one day. Dana revealed to the Local news station that as a couple, they had a rough time full of emotions, to the point that where she was about to abandon the attempts she was making.

When interviewed, Arkell responded that the news made him happy as no other news had ever did it before. He went on to say that he was especially happy for her and not him as such. The doctors conducted a check-up on the fetus and they revealed that it had about 5 months and was in a perfect condition, and that the baby would come into the world in February.

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