When He Decided To Offer A Helping Hand, His Girlfriend Decided To Do This… Heartwarming!

Some actions do speak loud than others. Needy people really appreciate little or big good deeds done to them. Lalaine Dawn Young, a girlfriend to Chris, witnessed her love assist needy kids while they were in the Philippines. She left a comment on YouTube that when they used to stay at some hotel in Makati, some kids were sleeping on the pavement. Chris was emotionally carried away, that he left Lalaine watching over the luggage as he crossed the road to a store to purchase some food for them.
Without Chris knowing, Lalaine filmed him when he was handing over the food to the kids. Although the clip appears to be blurred, the message inside it is touching. She chose the title of the clip to match her lover’s humble soul.
Nobody understands why these kids were in that condition, but it seems that they are street children. Hope is a non-profiting organization that revealed some statistics that 1-3% of the youths and children population in major cities in the Philippines are street children. Makati is part of Metro Manila, which is a highly populated metropolis with about 30,000 street children.

We all know that street life is very hard, but with actions like these, we can slowly make a change.
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