We Still Have Angels Amongst Us, What She Did To A Homeless Man Makes Her One Of Kind!

John Lochlan, a homeless veteran, has lost faith in humanity. John spends his days and nights in the Philadelphia streets. Besides being ignored by the people, John was hit by a car and shot. The accidents left him with a severe leg infection and spinal injuries making him unable to walk or stand.

John would wake up on his wheelchair, and sit on the street corner each passing day.

John met Lolly one day. Lolly runs an organization, Dignity Project, which grooms and offers supplies to the homeless.  Lolly asked the disheveled John if he wanted a haircut. As usual, John declined any human interaction.

2 weeks later, John’s hair grew longer, but this time he did not decline Lolly’s second request for a haircut.

The haircut didn’t soften John’s heart, and he was still short with Lolly the weeks that followed.

Lolly noticed the worsening infection on John’s leg and saw the hopelessness in the veteran’s life.

She knew that if John did not get assistance, he would die.  It marked the beginning of an unexpected friendship.

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