This Single Mom Never Expected This When She Got A Call From Oprah, It’s What Followed That Touched Me!

Being a single parent is never a good experience and Denni can tell the story better. Denni is a single mom of three who has always done everything to ensure her family is comfortable. She was left by her husband when her youngest kid was three years of age. When they were separated, she never remained with anything since shortly the house they lived in went into foreclosure and that made them to live in a car for a very long time. So as to support her family, she had to take on three jobs on any particular time.

The kind of struggles this family was going through made the family bond stronger. The kids appreciate the kind of sacrifices their mother made for them and all of them have now graduated from college. Though things have changed for the better, Denni still has a loan of $78,000. It is approximated that she will be able to clean the loans when she is around 93-years-old.

When news about this hardworking mum reached Oprah, she decided to invite the family to the show. That is when they were taken by surprise – Oprah paid for their dream trip to Italy and paid their loans of $78,000. She even assured Denni that she was organizing for her to take a whole year off from work but still give her the entire year’s salary.

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