This Kid Was Born With Disabilities, But What He Can Do Will Surprise You!

Before a child is born, parents will always fantasize how they will be having a nice time with their baby. That was the same case for Patrick’s father. He had dreams for his son but realized his dreams had been dashed the moment Patrick was born. This baby was born without eyes and with limbs which could never straighten. His dad never thought this would happen, and his imaginations about the father to son bonding activities seemed meaningless.

There was something unique about Patrick. At the age of two, he seemed to be obsessed with the piano. This youngster learned songs by memory and feel while he was in elementary school. He later managed to play the piano publicly. Patrick was proving to the world and his family that disability could not prevent him from becoming what he wanted.

When he joined college, one of the music teachers recommended him in the music program, and he teamed up with the band. At first, Patrick’s parents had no idea on how this could work for their kid but his father was dedicated to helping him find his way to the top of Louisville musicians. Watch this clip and see the sacrifices Patrick’s father made to his son.

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