This Is Why A Bear’s Splashdown Is As Good As A Comedy Session. I’m Cracking Up!

You don’t break the laws of gravity, do you? Well, even a grizzly bear can’t do that.

Apparently, the bear in this video loves to get deep into the waters, but it’s the fashion in which he chooses to go down that’s breaking my ribs. In fact, according to research, grizzly bears can really swim, but I still have a problem trying to properly judge this one.

You see, this bear wants to do a splashdown from the pool ladder, and then he goes into the air and comes down like a sack. He lands on his belly in a way that’ll make the “desired” splash so that by the time the sound is gone, you’ll also have been blown away by its comic effect.

I actually had to watch this twice to exhaust my laughter, and it’s doing me a world of good. I imagine this bear doing the thing at the Olympics and I’m trying to figure out how the judges would react. Well, that’s one reason why we won’t be having them competing, but I would give it a thumps up just for the comics.

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