This Cop Went Beyond His Duty. He Had To Do This For Her. I’m Touched!

Most cops are good in keeping the law in its order, and few of them actually go any step beyond just enforcing the law.

But that’s not the case when you involveNick Struck, who works with the cops in Brighton, CO. Nick was called to a scene ofa fatal accident, which had claimed the life of a little girl’s dad.

In the accident, the child’s four siblings were thrown off the vehicle, and the dad lost his life on the spot. Nick is that kind of a guy whose paternal love extends beyond his children, so he knew that this 2-year-old was shaken and deeply traumatized by the incident. He took it upon him good self to calm down the kid, so he sang her a song that he usually sings to his own kid.

He held her close, and sang her “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” Just as he was at it, a witness happened to pass along and got him on camera. The clip is now trending!

It’s good to know that not every cop is really a bad cop, despite the negative stories we hear about them at times. Officer Struck deserves some recognition.

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