These Two People Made The Best Out Of This Concert. All You Ask Is For Them To Keep Doing It!

You love going to concerts because they are fun, and you love them even more because of the possible surprises you get ‘slapped’ with in the process. You attend a concert, and a special performer suddenly steps into the stage in the middle of things, and you get all hyped up and feeling greater about the whole thing!

Josh Groban tried that during his recent performance, and you can guess how things turned out. The internet buzz isn’t dying anytime soon, and certainly not with him having teamed up with the famous Kelly Clarkson for a touching vocal show that’ll glue you to the screen.

Josh starts by introducing Kelly, and then the two singers go on to belt out the lyrics to “All I Ask Of You,’ a classic from the Phantom of the opera – Broadway musical.  We already know Josh as a great singer, but Kelly’s pitch takes the whole thing to another higher level that you don’t want to miss.

So click that play button and sit back to have some 5 minutes of your life spent in extreme amazement. If you enjoyed this as much as we all did, SHARE it on Facebook!

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