These Students Couldn’t Let A Few People Kill Their School Tradition. They Said It!

Something happened at a school in Ohio, and now everyone is talking about it. It’s about the Lord’s Prayer!

At East Liverpool High School, there has been a 70-year-old tradition of the graduating seniors singing the Lord’s Prayer during their graduation ceremony. However, this well-kept tradition came under threat when the Freedom from Religion Foundation opposed it and demanded that no prayer should be said during the ceremonies. The school management, under such pressure, gave in and banned the saying of the Lord’s Prayer. This was going to break the long-standing tradition, and no student was ready for that!

During the ceremony, the students surprised everyone when they started out on the prayer against the school rules. They boldly stood up and said the prayer so loudly and in unison that everyone present, including their parents, loved it!

According to the school authorities, they had banned the action for fear of being sued by the Freedom from Religion Foundation. They choose to pay their teachers instead of lawyers. However, the students made their choice, and they succeeded!

Watch the video here and get the full story. You’ll love it when these kids start the prayer. It’s just wow! SHARE!

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