These Office Workers Wanted Beer For Their Social Gathering. What They Did Is Absolutely Hilarious!

Advertising and commercials have come a long way. One of the things that has become remarkable is that companies are starting to realize that humor in advertising is necessary to catch the audience’s attention.

We take for example this particular Budweiser commercial called “the swear jar”. Many people would think before watching this ad commercial that the jar would be something that can help to control The bad language in the workplace. However, this company had the opposite plan in mind.

The ad shows a group of office workers raising funds through a swear jar to purchase beer for their social gathering at the end of the year. The employees decided to curse more to collect more money. Who could ever think that swearing will make you gain money or even save you money?

Watch the hilarious commercial below and let us know if you like the idea of a swear jar in your office!

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