The Day Steve Harvey Flirted With A 100-Year-Old In Front Of His Audience. OMG, So Lovely!

Steve Harvey is a really great show host by any measure. His shows are so lovely and filled with pomp and laughter that even the oldest lady would want to get there and sit in the front row. Now this story will fill your heart with feelings!

When this lady from Virginia grew to celebrate her 100th birthday, she knew exactly what she needed to do. You see, Ms Nelson had always wanted to attend Steve’s show, and this time she decided to make it happen by all means. So she went out with her family and guess what? She sat right where she always wanted to!

The show went on, with Steve’s usual moments of hilarity and mind-boggling talks, and in one stroke of luck, he saw her! He was impressed by her, so came down the stage to talk to her. They even had a chat, a flirt to be exact!

This is so moving. Check out this full video and love this. Be sure to SHARE this on Facebook and have your buddies interested. Drop a comment too!

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