The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Just Had A Blessing, And You Want To Know About It. Incredible!

December 23, 2014, still lingers in the memories of the staff at one of Kenya’s loveliest wildlife reserve area, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. An elephant walked back into the area after staying out for quite some time, but it’s the incredible reason as to why Emily came back that’ll have your jaws dropping.

The good creature was pregnant and was about to give birth to a cute little baby, and she felt that being with her other long-time keepers was a really great idea. She would let them pamper her baby, and they would offer protection in return. She’s a smart one!

Emily became an orphan in 1993 when she plunged into a pit latrine, and then she was rescued and joined up with other baby elephant orphans with whom she then grew up. She also has another daughter, Eve, who came into the planet in 2008.

When she gave birth to Emma, the whole group of elephants was so awed that they all rushed to make a big crowd and surround her and her baby. They even helped Emma get up! I just love this!

This video gives you a really nice glimpse of this lovely elephant and her cute baby Emma, and you’ll want to watch and even SHARE it with everyone you now. It’s just so adorable!

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