Students Team Up To Fulfill The Dreams Of The Cafeteria Worker. This Is So Touching!

Kathryn Thompson is a worker at Elon University. She is always a joy bringer to everybody wherever she goes. Lucy Smith-Williams and Taylor Zisholtz, both students at the university can bear witness.

Taylor said that Kathryn was a kind of person who is hard working and that she is always openhearted and never keeps her feelings to herself like the majority of people in the world.

One night, Taylor and Lucy went for dinner at the Acorn Coffee Shop where Kathryn works. Kathryn started a conversation with the two, and when she realized that Lucy was from Florida, she became happy.

Kathryn asked them how long it could take her to drive all the way to Florida, and also to take her family of five members to Disney World. With that, she started weeping. She then revealed that she really needed the journey because she had never been to another place before. The two students planned to turn Kathryn’s dreams into a reality.
The university was able to come up with $7,000 in a couple of weeks and Kathryn together with her family were able to go to Disney World.

Acorn’s assistant location manager by the name Glenn Austin, said that she had been at the place for over 10 years, and she hardly takes vacations for she works nearly all night shifts. Glen went on to say that the trip was a cool surprise for her.

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