Robin Williams’s Wife Reveals The Secret Behind Her Husband’s Death!

It has been a trend that celebrities are the ones who create awareness to diseases, and for Robin Williams, it had to be Lewy body dementia (LBD).

While on Good Morning America, Susan, a wife to Robin Williams confessed that Lewy body dementia was responsible for taking her husband’s life. Susan gave a detailed information about this disease. She claims that the condition is not known by the majority of the people while surprisingly 1.3 million people in the USA suffer from it. Apart from this, she said that many doctors were also not accustomed to LBD.

Susan revealed that Robin Williams committed suicide on the 11th of August, 2014, but the cause behind it was LBD.

She revealed that LBD affected his mind causing him to take away his life. She prayed that other people with this disease do not to end up the same way as her husband. Through Susan, LBD has been known by many people.

Another person confessed that her mom by the name of Mama Jean had also passed away from LBD, and it took them months to find out what was the cause of her death because they were not familiar with the disease.

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