‘Officer Dad’ Adopts A Kid In One Incredible Turn Of Events That’s Now A Big Story. This Will Get You Emotional!

When Master Deputy Mike Gibson joined other officers in a program to endear the police force to school kids in South Carolina, he had no idea things were about to turn out like this.

The officers came into classes and spent time with students in an effort to cultivate friendship. However, when Gibson became the resource master for the school, things got heated some degrees higher when he came across a 6-year-old kid that gave him a new name, “Officer Dad.”

As it turned out, the child had no real parents, and had been in and out of about 8 foster homes, and that, coupled with his affection for the nice kid, started to really eat at Gibson until he made the best decision anyone can make in such a situation.

Gibson and his wife started the process to adopt the little lovely kid, and now the child has a real home and a dad. So touching!

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