Nothing Could Stop This Mom From Laughing While In The Salvation Army. Ridiculous!!

A brave mom made a decision to model with high heels in Salvation Army. She did not know that in doing this, she was on her way to becoming an online sensation. Even though she was not ready to fit on five-inch wedges, you can easily admire her spirit for adventure. With the help from her children, she slowly puts on the shoes and stands up and starts walking slowly.

As everything looks steady, the mom decides that she has to put on some fashion show and starts to swagger towards the camera. A few minutes after she begins walking, everything goes wrong for her and without knowing it; she loses balance and falls quickly.

Luckily, she is not hurt as she looks well. All her kids start laughing, and she too joins in the laughter. While watching this video, I admired the mom’s ability to laugh at herself and allow the kids to post the video online after such experience with her shoes.

With the video which was posted online having gone viral, the mom hopes to show up on America’s Funniest Home Video soon. You must watch and SHARE this hilarious video with your friends and family if you would fall in high heeled shoes.

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