Mechanic Rescues A Baby From Imminent Death. You Won’t Believe This Story!

Have you ever stopped for a moment to think about just what fate has in store for you? Well, in 2014, a reformed ex-convict in Georgia saved a baby girl!

Bryant Collins has done 10 years in prison, came out reformed and went into business as an auto-repairman. All this time, he didn’t know he would one day end up marked “hero.” On this good day, Bryant was driving on Highway 72 when he suddenly caught something from the corner of his eye. He stopped to check. What?!

It’s a kid! A baby girl was trying to crawl into the busy highway from the roadside. Bryant took the kid and dialed 911. A cop showed up. Turns out, the 15-month-old kid had wandered a whole 300 yards from home. It’s a real miracle that she wasn’t hurt from all the falling and crawling she had to endure during her fateful sojourn to the highway. The father was arrested for neglect, but Bryant is now a hero!

This is so encouraging. Bryant has lived as a sober man for 5 years now, and his job is good. Please watch this video and also SHARE on Facebook. It’s just incredible! Drop a comment too!

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