Man Reveals What He’s Been Doing Alone In The New Mexico Caves For 25 Years. I’m Speechless!

If you happen to be in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, you will hear the wind blowing and some knocks from beneath the surface.

For the past 25 years, Ra Paulette has resided in this place while working on a project that you will definitely go speechless upon seeing it.

But since he made his work public, it is not a wonder that he gets visitors from all parts of the world who come and witness this immense project he has.

The most amazing thing is that Paulette never studied engineering or architecture, but refers his work as a simple hobby.

All the 25 years, he has been carving wonderful arts inside the caves he digs in New Mexico. He has named them “Wilderness Shrines,” because they portray the beauty of this desert environment.

While others consider him to be a sculptor or artist, Paulette refers himself as a magician who is just having fun with the space.

Watch the video below to have a view of the wonderful art he creates from these caves.

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