Former Professional Wrestler’s Narration Was Enough To Leave Teen Kids In Tears!

Sometime pre-teen children can be stubborn and difficult to guide. This is the time that they start to rebel against their parents’ wishes and to do as they see fit. So when professional wrestler Marc Mero was on this day giving a speech to 6th, 7th and 8th grade students. He knew he was not going to get their complete and undivided attention. After all, he was just a total stranger to all of them, and they did not have a reason to pay much attention to him either.

So what does this professional wrestler do to get their attention? He narrates a story to them about his late mother. How he did not appreciate her and care about how she was doing until she passed on. That is when he realised how much love and opportunity to care and love he missed. That completely caught the attention of the students. Using life themes such as regret, death, life, and most important love, he completely got their attention.

He was able to capture their attention by giving Love a meaning. Without which, even at such a young age, it’s just a word. We’re the meaning of love.

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