The Dog Was Covered With A Blanket. What Follows Next Had Me In Stitches!

Discovering a trick or two to use when playing with your pet is more than appreciated. More particularly, those who have dogs as pets need to show them a lot of attention since as pets they are very playful.

The family over here have discovered the best way to play with their dog. They discover the presence of static charges within the dog’s fur and use it to have fun. The whole trick is to rub the dog with a black and the rest is fun. No matter how many times this one is done, the funny side is hard to fail noticing.

I wonder what can happen if this dog’s hair ends up remaining like that forever! The first time you watch this you may think that the poor pup is being molested but that’s not true. It’s really enjoying the whole ordeal and that is evident from the way he wags his little tail. Given that the whole family is taking part in this game, this pup must be lucky to have people around him that give him his fair share of attention.

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