Dad And Daughter Do Something That Leaves Everyone At A Railway Station Jaw-Dropped…

Bill Wasik, a current editor of Wired Magazine, started the modern day flash mob way back in the summer time of 2003 as a communal testing.  He had the intention of bringing people together in a spur-of-the-moment to enjoy the fun. Fast forward to 2009, what seemed a normal day for everybody in the Antwerp train station is about to transform to something very magical and interesting.

From the time the group known as “The Sound of Music” began being heard from the loud speakers uttering the “Do Re Mi,” you could clearly note that the whole crowd started to get confused. The situation seems to maintain the same standard for some time, till the very time when a father and his daughter decide to just perform a dance. What follows next is best described as a flash mob epic that without doubt, you will repeatedly watch over and over again. Surely, a smile can’t miss to pass by your face after watching this funny video.

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