Children Were Given Different Types Of Breakfast From Across The Globe. Their Reactions? Hilarious!

It is essential to introduce culture to the kids when they are still young.  Most kids like going to the museums, attending various language classes and watching different programs about cultures in other countries. These kids will always react differently when you introduce a culture that is new to them. The case in this video isn’t any different from that.

In this clip, a video company called conducted an exciting experiment. Americans kids were involved and you will see how they behaved. A hidden camera was set to record every kid’s reaction to the breakfast offered. I am sure most people would love to see each child’s feedback. All you have to do is watch this video to the very end.

The breakfast staples in this clip were from Poland, Vietnam, Finland, Brazil, Korea and Netherlands. I am pretty sure even adults would have reacted in a funny way. Some of the breakfasts served look funny just by the appearance. One may think it’s a joke. This is the point where one thinks that there could be something wrong with other cultures.

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