Bullied Boy Gets Surgery To Correct His “Weird Ears.” Watch The Touching Moment!

This is a story of bullying. It will raise some eyebrows, but the mother of the bullied boy found a solution.

Parents want their children to live in a safe environment. Bullying causes some serious psychological damage to children.

Gage Berger is a first grader. Gage’s ears are the source of his bullying. His classmates call him ‘elf ears.”

Gage‘s parents watched as their son tried to push his ears backward. His parents got wind of the mean nicknames the bullies gave their son.

Some of the nicknames the bullies give their victims stick with them forever.  Gage’s parents did not want the bullies to damage their son’s self-esteem. They came up with a solution, some of you may not approve.

Plastic surgery was the ultimate solution to end the bullying. The boy got a new lease of life with his normal ear size. Gage could not believe his new look after the surgery. We hope the bullies gave the boy a break at last.

Some parents may disapprove of the idea of plastic surgery. However, all that matters is that little Gage got his confidence and self-esteem back.

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