2 Little Bears Playing On The Road Bring The Traffic To A Stop And Stun All!

What these motorists saw when they were driving through Montana’s Glacier National Park is just an exceptional surprise for them. Actually they came face to face with two little adorable baby bears playing in the middle of the road.

The video below was recorded by a driver. In the clip, something black is seen to be moving on the path. This made all the other drivers to stop their vehicles and alight to take a look. On the road, were two lovely little bears playing on the road and seemed not to be aware if they were being watched.

When you first see them, you will think that they are having a fight, but on having a loser look, you will see that they are just playing. They get to hug each other and roll on the road. After having some play on the road, the again disappear into the woods. Who knows, maybe they continued to play there to attract more attention or that they never knew that they were being watched. But one certain thing was that they were so entertaining to the motorist who had to stop to look at them till they finished.

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